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When you meet with your wedding photographer, you will have a lot to talk about. There will be many different moments happening before, during and after the wedding. Wedding photography is part photojournalism and part portraiture. You want your wedding photographer to be prepared for the unexpected. During your interview with them, you want to ask them about their style; their background and their experience.
Bello Wedding World
3207 Main Street (corner of Main and 16th Avenue) Vancouver, BC, Canada   (604) 872-1245
You want a wedding photographer who watches the people around them. You want wedding photography that comes from being unobtrusive where they catch not only the key wedding moments, but also the moments of deep connection between the bride, the groom, the family members and other guests.
Johnny Ho Photography
Imagine, standing in the vestibule of the Church while the Bride is waiting with her father for their cue. They arenít saying anything with words, but Dad brushes her cheek with his knuckles, ever so lightly and her eyes shimmer with tears. The corners of her mouth turn up just ever so slightly and her fatherís face softens as well. That is the shot you want in your wedding photography. Be sure to give your wedding photographer clear details of the wedding location, venue, theme and most of all Ė what you want to see.
Storybook Wedding Photography
Take the time to talk to your wedding photographer during the interview and during the wedding planning. If it helps, write down what you want your wedding album to look like before you meet with the photographer in order to give them clear directions. Remember, however, that while the wedding photographer is a professional, itís still your wedding.
Brian Powell Photography
503-1865 Barclay St., Vancouver, BC
Vancouver Wedding Photographer
Erin Gilmore
Specializing in weddings and family portraits

Robert Albanese Photography | 604-809-4143

Chris+Lynn Photographers
contemporary wedding and lifestyle photography
Then Comes Marriage Photography | 604-730-4770
Static Photography
Wedding photographer 
Elizabeth Soergel Photography
WeddingMama Photography
WeddingMama is sensational photographer with sixth sense.
If you want something different on your special day...
Diva Bridal Gallery & Photography Inc
(604) 709-3482
Generation Photography
Vancouver Wedding Photographer
Vancouver Wedding Photographers
Elizabeth Soergel Photography
Vancouver BC based wedding and portrait photographer
Alana Couch Wedding Photography
Capturing the emotions and details of your wedding with a unique and spontaneous style.
Robert and Shannon Coates
the principals of COATES PORTRAIT DESIGN, started their business in 1990. Originally a pictorial photographic artist, Robert's work continues to be strongly influenced by the environment, and Shannon's educational background in art and theatre brings dynamic design to their photographic portraits.
Masterpiece Family Portraits
by one of the world's foremost portraitists.
Reg Mess is one of only two master photographers in British Columbia, and continues to distinguish himself in the professional photography community. 
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