Kerrisdale in Vancouver

This neighbourhood shopping district is centered around 41st Avenue along West Boulevard, but extends from 37th to 45th, and from Balsam to Maple. It has the feel of a small town main street, catering to the residents of this quaint neighbourhood. The sidewalks are often full of locals browsing the many shops.

Kerrisdale has the feel of an old fashioned, if upscale, village. Many of the shops have been around for a long time, and the best of them exude secure self-confidence; they are well established and sure of themselves.

Kerrisdale Village has been a thriving business community since its inception in the early 20th Century. Today it offers a cornucopia of shops, eateries and services that would rival those of any bustling metropolis. But where Kerrisdale has kept up with its tony downtown neighbours, it has not lost its quaint village charm and welcoming spirit that’s as warm as a Norman Rockwell postcard.

Anyone who has been to the village of Kerrisdale is immediately transported to another time. The shops and businesses are “with it” and trendy but the ambience of the area is one of refined elegance sporting one on the city’s best beautification programs.

Kerrisdale’s vast array of sushi restaurants is but one of the eclectic taste treats awaiting shoppers. Tasteful terra cotta coloured pots burst forth with seasonal displays while lamp standards in our classic blue colours exhibit creatively designed banners, lights and swags depending on the season. Newspaper box surrounds, benches and bus shelters all are part of a design standard

Some of Vancouver’s best shops give Kerrisdale as their address and no matter what your age or disposable income, there’s a store for you in Kerrisdale Village. From the best couture for baby to an oasis for your urban puppy, every age and taste can be accommodated in our more than 200 shops, all perfectly intermingled with coffee houses, eateries and galleries offering plenty of comfy downtime for the happy shopper.

Kerrisdale’s smart patrons haven’t had to trek to the downtown core in years (but of course they do as these are some of the hippest clientele in the city) for shoes, leather goods, duvets, beds and bedding and some of the most exclusive furniture in town. The best in kitchenware, home design, lighting and kitchen products located cheek to jowl with quaint independent book shops and stationery stores, all are found along the brick-paved sidewalks of Kerrisdale Village. And where else can the entire family meet for lunch after having found clothing stores for every single age and taste – why Kerridsdale, of course!

Not to be forgotten are those businesses that make cocooning at home all the more cozy. In Kerrisdale Village you’ll discover stores that make staying home all the better with furnishings and flowers and all things decorative, from the best in landscape paintings to fresh floral masterpieces for the table.

Kerrisdale Village has a wealth of dining out opportunities and all in the moderate to more than affordable price ranges. Coffee cafes with quick-fix cuisines abound and table service eateries are discovered on all streets and avenues. And if it’s ethnic your seeking, look no further than Kerrisdale where sushi is our middle name but by no means the only culturally flavoured food found there. From breakfast to a late night “nosh”, Kerrisdale Village has the stove steaming all day long!
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