Tojo's Restaurant in Vancouver

Tojo's Restuarant
Tojo's Restaurant
1133 W Broadway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-872-8050

Tojo's is very controversial. Some people say Tojo's is the best Japanese restaurant in Vancouver. Others say it's the best in Canada. Still others say it's the best in North America. Some say it's the most expensive Japanese restaurant in the city, others say it's the cheapest five-star restaurant on the continent.

Tojo's is as strange and marvellous a restaurant as has opened anywhere in the world, and certainly one of its best sushi bars. The chef Hidekazu Tojo employs a style of cooking that is reminiscent both of Nobu Matsuhisa and of the kung-fu style known as drunken-master, in which a loose and casual form disguises phenomenal skill. Those who visit should demand a bar seat and ask Mr. Tojo to prepare what he wishes. Then hold on for the ride.

Omakase literally means "Chef, I'm in your hands". When you order omakase, Tojo treats you to dishes not found on his or frequently anyone else's menu. Best place to try this is at Tojo's Omakase Bar (where menus are banned).

There is only one Tojo's Restaurant. It is located in Vancouver, on the southwest coast of British Columbia in Canada.