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Gyu Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant in Vancouver


Gyu Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant

Specializing in Japanese teppanyaki cuisineI was walking on Alberni St, thinking where to eat lunch and decided to give this a try.

Gyu Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant Contact

Second Floor -755 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC

Gyu Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant Review

Gyu is similiar to Kobe, as the chef prepares & cooks your meal in front of you. I was at a table next to a few people on both sides of me, and found both chefs to be friendly.
I only wish he prepared my chicken ahead of the other group, but did his preparation for the larger order. I found watching the chef prepare all our dishes made the room smokey, with the fans only removing some of the smoke, made my eyes feel dry. This has been a similiar experience to the Kobe when food is being cooked in anyone present.

I decided to order the Chicken Teriyaki, and not their AYCE, due to being too expensive for lunch at $20.00. I did see the meals being prepared, and they look good, but you don't get alot in what you're paying for. My Chicken was very good, served with rice & shredded veggies and felt full.
I had ordered coca cola and my bill came to around $12.50 before tip.

Its more for groups, than individuals and felt it was on the pricey side.



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