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Cloud 9 in Vancouver

Cloud 9

Cloud Nine
1400 Robson St.

Located on the 42nd floor of the Empire Landmark Hotel, Cloud Nine offers a 360 degree view of the Vancouver skyline and internationally inspired west cost cuisine

The Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant has been a landmark of Downtown Vancouver since November 1973.

On the 42nd floor of the Empire Landmark Hotel (formerly the Sheraton Landmark) and still one of the tallest hotels in Vancouver.

Step off the elevator onto the 42nd floor into the Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant, and you are greeted with a spectacular view of Vancouver. The 20 feet high windows allow guests to be treated to the unobstructed 360 degree view of the majestic setting of mountains, harbour, the Georgia Straight and the city itself as the Restaurant revolves. A kaleidoscope of vibrant lightings cover the walls and ceilings at every turn giving a lively look and feel even on the dullest rainy Vancouver day. Once night falls, the fiber optic lighting from the ceiling gives the impression of stars in the sky. A large mural depicting the Constellations on the upper interior wall ties the entire design of Cloud 9 together. The menu offers a wide variety of regional specialties and signature dishes of the restaurant. The restaurant is locally renowned as a venue for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, corporate celebrations as well as small private wedding receptions.

Cloud 9 Facts

Did you know:

* Cloud 9 revolves at a speed of .04 km per hour.
* Cloud 9's revolving floor is powered by two half horsepower motors, the same size of motor that runs a household washing machine.
* It takes 1 hour and 20 minutes for Cloud 9 to complete one revolution.
* Cloud 9 has 70 windows and each window is 6 meters high (approx. 20 feet).
* Based on scientific calculations, the human eye can see 200 miles in any direction when in
Cloud 9.
* Cloud 9 has been, and still is, the recipient of WHERE Magazine's "Most Memorable Meal" award and has been nominated for the award every year since the inception of the awards.

Empire Landmark Hotel Vancouver
1400 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC

Empire Landmark Hotel Vancouver rates

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