Frankie's Italian Kitchen in Vancouver


Frankie's Italian Kitchen

Frankie's Italian Kitchen in VancouverFrankies's Italian Kitchen brings some of Southern Italy's flavours and recipes as well as not so traditional Italian Dishes

Frankie's Italian Kitchen Location

765 Beatty St Vancouver @ Georgian Court Hotel Vancouver

Frankie's Italian Kitchen Contact

(604) 688-6368

Frankie's Italian Kitchen Reviews

Great service including friendly and knowledgable staff. A very good Italian menu in a pleasant surrounding. The room is smaller but cozy as a result. We arrived at about 10:00 pm after a Canucks game and got the last table. On the other side of closed double doors great Blues/Jazz seeped through. Welll worth the time.

Was going to a concert so wanted to be near Rogers Arena. Handy place.

1. Name: OK, it's Italian! 7.5/10
2. Decor: There is a main window the length of the restaurant which is bright enough for the 1/3 tables. Dark wood tables with comfortable leather chairs and a small bar. White table cloths, large flatware, a nice wine glass and a candle compliment the atmosphere. 6.5/10
3. It is reasonable open with uptempo background music. The servers were dressed in black dinner dresses. It felt warm enough and had several TV to satisfy the curious. 7/10
4. Menu: Italian food with a small but varied menu. 7/10
5. Service: I was met at the lobby entrance and provided my name for a reservation. The hostess took me to a table near the back but as it was only 1900 hrs, I requested an open table near the front window. No problema. The server was prompt to start, offer selection ideas, and check back 7.5/10
6. Presentation: Warm bread to start, and Carbonara with a small garnish. The meal was a tad small and you do need a starter, or finisher. 7/10
7. Freshness: Pasta made that day and the salad prepared nicely.7/10
8. Palate: The salad was great, and so to the pasta! 8/10
9. Intangibles: Works for business, solo, casual. 7/10
10. Value: Perhaps a tad $ for the wine and food but it is downtown so that considered, I would return.