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Grouse Grind North Vancouver

Slippery Going

The Grouse Grind, often referred to as “Mother Nature’s Stairmaster”, is a 2.9km hike straight up the face of Grouse Mountain. The trail gains 2,800 feet of elevation making it a great workout for even the fittest of athletes.

Directions to Grouse Grind Vancouver and what to do

What does it mean to be Grind Fit?

It means experiencing the incredible beauty of our natural environment.
It means getting out of the gym.
It means testing your limits responsibly.
And more than this, it means discovering your own peak performance.

The Grouse Grind is probably Vancouver's most popular hike, especially for the fitness oriented crowd. Most regulars know exactly how long it takes them to get to the top, and, what their PR is! There is even a bi-annual race. It's a very steep climb that may be described as a more natural version of stair-master for the after-work crowd.

It was originally used as a training climb for those planning on longer hikes. These days, at the top, you can buy a snack, shop, hike some more, or grab a burger & coke, um, make that a beer. The view from the patio is awesome on a summer evening. You can hike down, or, take the gondola for $5. Imagine a Gondola full of sweaty hikers, or worse, imagine being the guide who operates the Gondola.

The Grind is well marked, and has signs marking each quarter of the hike, so you have a rough idea of how much more to do. It's never a question of where to go (the trail is as worn in as the steps of St. Peters) but of how much further.

The start of the hike is easily found after driving or taking the bus up Capilano Road (stay right after crossing the Lion's gate bridge in Vancouver) to the base of the mountain, the road goes no further. On the way, you will pass the Capilano Suspension Bridge - another popular tourist destination.

After parking in one of several areas , make your way to the right of the road, opposite the Gondola, and look for a notice board, clock, and even a vending machine with water? you'll want water.

Make sure you start before it gets too late (the region will help you in this way by locking a small gate at curfew time, which varies during the summer but is usually 7 p.m. or so).

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