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Vancouver Public Library


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Vancouver Public Library

With all the sights and attractions there are to see in Vancouver going to the library may not sound like the most exciting thing to do but the central public library downtown is a must-see building.

Itís a circle in a square design that looks a bit like something you would see in ancient Rome. In fact a lot of people compare it to a Roman Coliseum.

Vancouver Public Library Contact

Quick Information 604-331-3603

Vancouver Public Library location

350 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 6B1

About the Vancouver Public Library

Funded by the City of Vancouver, Vancouver Public Library is the third largest public library system in Canada, with over 373,000 cardholders and more than 9 million items borrowed annually. Today, with exceptional collections, services and technologies offered at 22 branches and an extensive virtual library, VPL is accessible to all citizens of Vancouver.

Vancouver Public Library Reviews

This library is breathtaking. The architecture is amazing. I sat outside during lunchtime to eat, watch the birds, and soak up some sun.

When I entered the building I was even more impressed. To the left is a serious of cafe's and to the right is the library. (Please note that you must go through security prior to entering the library and taking pictures is forbidden!!) The library consists of several floors and the librarian are extremely helpful. One of them even wrote out directions to my next stop.

I could have stayed all day in the newspaper section; they had a copy of every newspaper from all over the world.

The only thing that they did not have is a post-card of the library. I sure wish I had one but I did take some pictures.

I live in Vancouver, and I'm just in love with the library, especially the magnificent Central Branch downtown. I'm a student and a book lover, so I go to the library almost everyday; to research, read, or people-watch. It's much more peaceful in the morning, when there aren't as many paople around, and it's a lot easier to find a secluded spot to sit. For the best and most peaceful experience, pick out your books and head for one of the reference rooms (on every floor, I think) and read til your eyes fall out.

The library is often congested on the ground floor, but don't be afraid to go further; the second floor (Social Sciences and Literature) through the sixth (Fine Arts) are much quieter (and there's a much better chance of finding an available computer). Also, there's a bathroom on every floor; they're all usually empty except for the one on the ground floor, which always has a line-up. Just go up one floor. It amazes me that no one ever figures this out.


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