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Aqua Bus in Vancouver

Aqua Bus Ferry in False Creek

This cute little water taxi is more like a large child's bathtub toy. They have a large multi-colored fleet and are hard to miss as they travel around the river. The boat sits low in the water and provides great visibility along the waterway.

Check out the Aquabus Ferries a fleet of boats that carry passengers  from Vancouver to Granville Island  and from Granville Island to Yaletown, the Granville Island Market is just down the street from the drop-off point. If you are staying at a Downtown Vancouver Hotels  it is the perfect transport to see a few of the Cities most popular Attractions.

To see a map with where the Aqua Bus goes and its stops. 

Along the way you'll see a variety of great restaurants, one-of-a-kind house boats, kayaks, ducks, geese, an occasional seal, amazing apartments, cool funky boats, and stuff you just can't see from land.

It's a great way to relax on the water and check out the overall scene and decide what you want to check out the next day.

This is the best way to see another side of Vancouver and is one of my favorite activities.

For operating hours and Fares please see their web site.

Aqua Bus Ferry in False Creek Reviews

Aqua Bus Ferry in False Creek

For most people this is a cute way to get across the water.

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